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Guardian O Friend O Protector O Believer

November 2017 George Washington Bay View Post #180
2860 South Kinnickinnic Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Any notifications of deceased members should be directed to our
Membership Chair, Shirley Wood, at 414-489-0247.
Thank You!




Veterans Day 2017








American Legion George Washington Bay View Post 180


Greetings All,
Please join us in celebrating Veteran's Day on Saturday, November 11th here at the Post building. An invitation is extended to all of our Legion family - SAL and Women's Auxiliary - as well as their family and friends. This year we'll be in the upstairs Hall (as the restaurant will be open for regular business). Reception will begin at 4:30 PM, with the ceremony to begin at 5, and dinner to follow immediately afterwards. Food and beverages will be provided free of charge, so make plans to attend! I look forward to seeing you there.

All Vietman era Veterans: If you are interested in bieng recognized and receiving a 50 yr. commemorative certificate and pin for your service, please provide me your name and branch of service No LATER Than the Veteran's Day ceremony. The pins and certificates will be presented during the February, 2018 General Membership meeting, so you must attend that meeting in order to receive the items.

They will not be mailed to you. You can email me your information at; however I'd prefer to get it from you in-person!

Our Next General Ship meeting is Tuesday November 7

For God and Country,
Ian Nunn Commander



American Legion George Washington Bay View Post 180

For those who have yet to renew membership, a 2nd dues reminder should have arrived at your home in October. Please do renew your membership for 2018. You are important to the success of our Post.

Join your fellow Post members for Veterans Day remembrance ceremonies and celebration of service to country on Saturday November 11, 2017 at our Memorial Hall. For your consideration a timeline of November military highlights is presented.

Nov 1918: Germany surrenders, Armistice declared ending WWI.

Nov 1942: Allies break out of El Alamein in

North Africa. German forces retreat. In a climatic naval battle at Guadalcanal, USS Juneau, with 5 Sullivan brothers aboard, is lost with most of the crew prompting the War Department to end assignment of siblings to the same unit and passage of the Sole Survivor Policy into law in 1948. US Navy retains control of the sea around Guadalcanal.

Nov 1950: US Army 171h Regiment reaches the Yalu River. Chinese IX Army surrounds US Marines at Chosin Reservoir.

Nov 1964: Vietcong mortars shell Bien Hoa Air Base near Saigon resulting in a number of US casualities and destruction of four B-57 bobmers. Operation Rolling Thunder ends after 3.5 yrs in Nove 1968,

Nov 1984: 2 Companies of the 22nd Marine Amphibious Unit make a combined sea and air landing on the island of Carriacou, the last military action of the Grenada Campaign.

Nov 1987: US Senate Resolution cuts military and economic aid to Panama. US Forces begin planning contingency operations in Panama. This is the prelude to invasion of Panama in December 1989.

Nov 1995: After 3 weeks of talks in Dayton, OH leaders of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia agree to peace deal, effectively ending the 3 ~ year Bosnia War.

Nov 2001: Taliban fighters abandon Kabul. 1300 US troops were deployed in the offensive.

Nov 2003: President George W Bush makes an unannounced visit Thanksgiving Day to Baghdad to boost morale among US Troops. The second Battle of Fallujah begins Nov 2004.

Nov 2015: Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant (ISIS or ISIL) controls large areas of Western Iraq and Northern Syria.

Nov 2016: 2 US F-15E fighters carryout a strike killing Abu Nabi ai-Anbari, the leader of ISIS in Libya.

Day to Baghdad to boost morale among US Troops. The second Battle of Fallujah begins Nov 2004.

Nov 2015: Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant (ISIS or ISIL) controls large areas of Western Iraq and Northern Syria.

Nov 2016: 2 US F-15E fighters carryout a strike killing Abu Nabi ai-Anbari, the leader of ISIS in Libya.


Greg Roth, PC
1st Vice Commander



For your families

On September 16, 2017 I and several other Post 180 members attended the funeral of Kenwood Ziemann. I learned early that Rosemary, Kenwood's widow, was very happy that the Legion Post members attended the visitation. I also learned that Rosemary and Kenwood had been married 65 years and that they held their reception at the Post. (Hall is available to members. Hall is available to memebers FREE of charge today, as of this writing.

I also learned that no arrangements for an Honor Guard had been made to perform a rifle volley, play taps, or present the U.S. flag to Rosemary, Kenwood's widow. Though I had contact with Roeemary and her daughter Patti well before the funeral I was only asked that the Post provide representation to honor Kenwood, a 60+ year member. When I learned that Rosemary had no knowledge of any other available military honors I made a note to advise you, our membership.

My assumption is that although there was a U.S. flag on the table adjacent to Kentwood's urn, the funeral director had not arranged for any military Honor Guard.

Membership, arrange to have your funeral services noted on paper. We are all going to be called to report to the Supreme Commander one day at Post Everlasting. If you don't already have a funeral director who knows of all your requests make a note, put it in a safe place and then tell members of your family of its location. If no family, tell a close friend of significant other of its location.

If unsure of what services you are entitled to receive contact our county veteran's officer. That person can provide information and answers to questions that you may not even know to ask.

I present this information because family and friends become emotional at the passing of a loved one. It lessens the hardship of dealing with a death knowing there are written instructions to follow or phone numbers listed so that help is just a phone call away.

Emotions were mentioned earlier and though Rosemary Ziemann and daughter Patti were very strong in the controlling their emotions, these emotions were shown by the end 0f the church service.

Take care of your family right up to the very end. Make it clear and simple for them to follow up on your wishes at the time of your passing.

Steve Wesolowski
Service Officer
Next General Membership meeting
Tuesday, November 7, 2017






Legion Oratorical Contest to Be Held at Post 180

George Washington Bay View Post 180
will host an American Legion Oratorical Contest in our Memorial Hall
Tuesday December 6th, 2016
7:00 p.m.


It's about to happen again. Last year, for the first time in decades, Post 180 held an American Legion Oratorical Contest and, as you may recall, our sponsored student made it to the Regional competition at Ripon, WI. As of this newsletter, we have a high school student interested in competing in the 2017 contest. lf all parties come together, the Post 180 competition would be held at our General Membership Meeting Tuesday December 6th, 2016.

The 4th District competition would be held in December as well but at a different location, followed by the Regional Competition at Ripon Saturday February 11,2017.

Updated information about the contest will appear on our website: Do plan on attending the December membership meeting. Your presence will make the contest even better, and it will mean a lot to the participating students.

January 14th 2017, a Day for Oratory

Isaac Hoeschen, a high school junior and Bay View resident, will present his oration at the annual 4th District American Legion Oratorical Contest January 14th 2017 at Greendale Post 416, 6501 W Grange Ave, Greendale, WI. The contest begins at 11:00AM and will end at 2:00PM, or earlier, dependent on the number of participating students. Isaac is sponsored by George Washington Bay View Post 180 and was the successful contestant at our Oratorical Contest held in December 2016. All Post 180 members and guests are invited to attend the 4th District contest. I am sure Isaac will appreciate your support, and you will like the orations, coffee and conversation.

Greg Roth, PC




Hello to all Auxiliary members! hope this issue of the Informed Legionnaire finds you healthy, happy and safe.

In October, the Auxiliary held one of its two meetings of the year. As our active memhership has continued to shrink, we elected to hold only two meetings per year and make them more meaningful, rather than meeting only for the purpose of having a meeting.

In October, we had important business to conduct. On the passing of one of our valued members and Past President, Kathleen Schlemm, she requested that memorials be made to our Unit of the Auxiliary. As a result we reflected on Kathy and all the contributions she had made over the years. We elected to pay it forward and donate the memorials to organizations that we believe Kathy would be proud to have us support. Kathy had a deep devotion to both Veterans and children. We donated the funds to four organizations:

Milwaukee Ronald McDonald House -The Ronald McDonald House provides a home for families whose children are receiving care at Children's Hosital. With over 70 available rooms, the House provides over 2000 stays per year. You can learn more about the Milwaukee Ronald McDonald House at -

Quilter's Angels - This volunteer group provides quilts to a variety of worthy causes including battered women's shelters, hospice organizations, and other groups who request quilts. These ladies often donate their
own fabric, but our donation will be used to purchase batting (the middle part of a quilt) to further their mission. I am told that with our donation, they will be making several Quilts of Valor. If you are not familiar with Quilts of Valor check them out at - wQOVF/ Quilts of Valor is a national organization whose mission is "to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor."

Camp Hometown Heroes - Camp Hometown Heroes provides a free week long summer camp experience to children who have lost a family member while serving our country. While at camp children are able to freely share their feelings in a setting where people have like experiences.

Grief counselors are available and the camp provides a kinship found nowhere else. More information on this organization may be found at -

St Jude Hospital- St Jude Hospital is dedicated to the treatment of childhood cancer. No patient is turned away due to inability to pay. More information on St Jude Hospital may be fund at- As you can see, despite our small numbers, we continue to make a large impact in the community. If you have not already, please remit your Auxiliary dues t0 Shir!ey Wood,as soon as possible. By not neglecting this, it really assists us in being able to do the work of the Auxiliary instead of chasing down members with reminders.

Please encourage your friends and family members to join our organization. As long as you have a Veteran in your family, you are likely eligible to join. The family member may be a spouse or parent, but it may also be a sibling or grandparent.

Female Veterans are also eligible to join the American Legion Auxiliary. In October, we also elected to make donations to the Salvation Army and the Milwaukee Rescue Mission to support their efforts in the Holiday season.

On Veterans' Day, the Auxiliary will participate in the festivities held at the Legion Post. During this event, the Auxiliary will conduct the empty chair ceremony.

This very moving ceremony honors our Veterans, but in particular those missing in Action and Prisoners of War. I encourageyou to attend if you are able. In the times I have conducted or been witness to this ceremony there is rarely a dry eye in the house.

We have had several members who have been battling a variety of health challenges. For fear of omitting someone, I will not list them here, but please know that you are also in our prayers and thoughts. If you or another member you know could use some good cheer, please let myself or Unit Chaplain Mary Schmitz know. We would be happy to send greetings to our members, but we need to know about them first.

May God's blessings continue for you and your families in the upcoming Holiday seasonss


Angie Paniagua
Unit President
angiequiltz@outlook. com



Just a reminder to all Auxiliary members to please keep in touch regarding illness or loss of a loved one. A card or phone call is always welcome when recuperating from illness or just being homebound, especially during the cold winter months. Please call and contact me on behalf of anyone you are aware of who would like some cheer sent their way or a condolence due to a loss.

Thank you and I wish you all well this holiday season and best wishes in the coming New year!


Mary Schmitz
414-481-1 306



Happy Fall , A big thank you to all members who have sent in their 2018 dues! This is a plea to remaining members of Auxiliary Unit 180 to send in your dues ASAP. Don't forget if you are responsible for junior members they are also due. It would be nice to see some of you at our meetings; your input is important and helpful.

Enjoy the fall weather with the beautiful colors and the leaves cluttering your gutters and sidewalks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Shirley Wood PP
Membership Chair
Auxiliary meetings begin again in
May 2018
Please watch The Informed
the Informed Leigionairre for Reminders!



Fellow members of Post 180, Well, the summer is over and it's time to get back to work. Our 9Pin no tap fundraiser is scheduled for Sat. Jan. 13th., with 2 shifts. The time of these shifts is yet to be determined. We are looking for help with prizes, sponsors etc. to make this a success. This is our only fundraiser so let"s ail get behindthis. There will be meetings throughout the fall and winter so give me a call and I will let you know when the next meeting is.

Again, I must remind you that dues are past due and can be paid by contacting Bob Wood at (414)-315-8125 or myself

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


Tony Fluder
SAL Commander



Memorial Building Hall Available for Member Events Our main floor hall is now available for use by George Washington Bay View Post 180 Legion, SAL andAuxiliary members for personal events.

The bar, restaurant and main hall in our Memorial Building are currently operated by our tenant, Little Demarinis Pizza, under terms of the lease agreement. Little Demarinis Pizza has agreed to make the hall available to Post members for personal events on 12 days each lease year.

The lease year runs from July to June. The following coditions apply: Member using the hall must be in good standing (current year dues paid). Member must contact the House Committee and provide the date for the personal event. The House Committee will make initial contact with the tenant to determine availability. Contact House Committee member Paul Wood at 414-217-4560.

The House Committee will inform the member if the date is available and provide contact information. All subsequent event arrangements will be made between the member and Little Demarinis Pizza.

Each member is allowed use of the hall for one personal event each lease year, limited to 12 days each lease year for all Post 180 members, and hall availability. Hall use will conform to Little Demarinis Pizza hall operation hours.

The member will sign a hall use ccntract with Little Demarinls Pizza, must be present during the event, and must be the point of contact for all hall use questions. The member will be personally responsible for any damage to the hall subject to terms of the hall contract. The member will not be charged any hall rental, usage or clean-up fee. lf required by hall contract, the member may be required to make a refundable security deposit. The member will use Little Demarinis Pizza for all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served. Member to negotiate pricing with Little Demarinis Pizza. The member may use food service provided through Little Demarinis Pizza, or food service provided by the member or member selected catering service. Affixing temporary decorations with any fastening devices to walls, ceilings, doors, floors, woodwork is not permitted. Making your Post membership better, the House Committee.

Greg Roth
House Committee Chairman


George Washington Bay View Post 180 Memorial Brick Program Update     PDF
We are approaching the half way mark for memorial brick orders. A maximum of 140 bricks were available at the beginning of the program and the Executive Committee has discussed reserving a block of memorial bricks for future Post members. If you have been thinking about placing an order, the Fund Raising Committee recommends you order now. If you are curious about the appearance of the bricks and display location, stop in at the Post and take a look at our memorial wall located inside the Kinnickinnic Ave. entrance. Memorial bricks can now be ordered by all interested persons. Membership in the American Legion, Auxiliary or SAL is no longer required, and there is no restriction on the number of memorial bricks a person can request. A donation of $100 is recommended for each brick ordered. This is an opportunity to honor those who may be loved ones, those who have served our country, or to extend a gesture of appreciation. Don't miss this opportunity. Order forms for memorial bricks can be obtained by contacting Steve Wesolowski at 414-405-7892, Paul Wood at 414-762-2988 or Greg Roth at 414-482-2256. You may also request an order form by contacting us through email at Greg Roth
Fund Raising Committee Chairman View the PDF for Ordering your Post 180 Memorial Brick
Order form
Brick Inscription Example

For additional Information, contact us via email at or by regular mail at 2860 S Kinnickinnic Ave, (Attention Fund Raising Committee), Milwaukee, WI 53207. 

Greg Roth
Fund Raising Committee Chairman


American Legion
George Washington Bay View Post 180
2860 South Kinnickinnic Avenue
Bay View, Wisconsin 53207



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