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American Legion
George Washington Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695

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American Legion
George Washington
Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695

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Any notifications of deceased members should be directed to our Membership Chair, Shirley Wood, at 414-489-0247.

Thank You!


100 Years

Commander of George Washington Bay View Post 180 of the American Legion

To all of the Family Members of our George Washington Bay View American Legion Post 180,

To ALL of the Family Members of our George Washington Bay View American Legion Post 180, With the holidays upon us Post 180 would like to wish you and yours all the happiness of the season. Please also take a moment to bow your heads in prayer for those serving our nation, and their families.

The MAJOR KEY to fulling our mission in supporting our veterans and our community is MAINTAINING AND INCREASING OUR RANKS. 3rd Vice Commander San Countrymen sent out surveys to ascertain from our present membership why it is that most members are not attending our meettngs? I would like to address some of the important comments we received.

Many stated their advanced age and or medical conditions keep them from attending. We understand, and may the good Lord continue to keep you healthy and safe. We again thank you for being a member of our Post, and of course for your service to our country.

For those of you that shared that they were not welcomed when attending a meeting. Please be advised it is at a restaurant/bar but rest assured you will always be welcomed. Also be advised, it is our plan that if and when our active membership increases we will then consider re-establishing ourselves in a place of our own.

Lastly, some felt that there was NO BENEFIT in being an American Legion member? Please if you can, visit the American Legion website as there are many discounts available once you hold that membership card. However, the GREATEST BENEFIT is the help and contributions that are made by your Post in supporting our veterans and our community. The government cannot fund all the programs that are needed for our returning troops and YOUR American Legion Post 180 helps to fill in the gaps. The BENEFIT of knowing that your membership is helping a comrade in need, sure enough out weights any discount in my book. Please note that active membership is needed to help to fulfi ll this most important mission.

Thank you!


Yours in Service to our Veterans, Post, Community, State, and Nation,

Commander Robert G. Schlemm


American Legion George Washington Bay View Post 180

Hello all!!
Happy New Year! Yes, "2020" is here!
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Now that the hype of the holidays has passed by we can concentrate on building up our membership.

As always, everyone is encouraged to assist in recrui􀆟 ng eff orts. Please check with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to join. The requirements to join have changed. It now allows membership if you have served on federal active duty in the U.S. Armed forces since December 7, 1941, and have been honorably discharged or you are still serving.

"With President Trump's signature on the LEGION Act, the extension of the ongoing declared period of war was extended back to Dec. 7, 1941. The congressionally approved act is a way to honor thousands of veterans who were killed or wounded on duty during periods not previously considered a time of war.

Finally Congress has acknowledged the service and sacrifice of at least 1,600 veterans who died or were wounded in previously undeclared periods of war," said American Legion National Judge Advocate Kevin Bartlett. "This new law honors the memories of those veterans while allowing other veterans from those previously undeclared eras to receive all the American Legion benefits they have earned through their service.

The LEGION Act - Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service Act — also redefines The American Legion's membership eligibility dates. The eligibility now span from Dec. 7, 1941, until a time when the U.S. is no longer at war, as determined by Congress."


Our next General Meeting is on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, at 7:00 pm. We are meeting at On the Clock Bar & Grill. (4301 S. Howell Ave.)

I am looking forward to seeing you on February 4th! (No meeting in January.)

1st Vice Commander
Brooke Smith
Please contact me with questions / concerns. I am looking forward to seeing you on September 3rd!

Please contact me with questions / concerns.




If you have some interesting story or pictures serving your country that you have, we would like you to share with your Legion Family members. We would love to hear some military stories, and if you attended any Veterans, American Legion and Community events keep us informed.

Please send the pictures and a sentence or short story paragraph explaining the event and we will share the treasure with our Legion Family and community.


Still Serving America




On November 7th I mailed out 90 Surveys to the Non-Active members of George Washington Post # 180 asking why they were not attending our meetings. I have received 30 responses as of this date with multiple answers to the questions.

The following list indicates the results:


Not very interesting meeting     5
Don't like driving at night 8
Can't drive a car at this time     3
I am not very mobile     12
Medically unable to attend        8
Death Notices  2
Change of address                        1

I will discuss these results with our Executive Board and will publish what can be done to resolve some of these issues. The decisions will be published in the March/April 2020 Newsletter.

San Countryman
3rd Vice Commander



Greetings All,

Your Post continues to carry out its mission of Veterans helping Veterans. Over these past few months we've made significant donations to Camp American Legion and their renovation efforts, as well as Troop Cafe here in Milwaukee. A job-training cafe that helps veterans prepare for future careers in food service and catering. We also are donating to the Military Veterans Resource Center at UWM, which assists veterans, reservists, guardsmen, and their families while they attend UWM. Further, we are also taking pride in our community and supportig local institutions. This past month we donated to The Bay View Community Center in support of the great programs they provide there.

Do you use services or support organizations mat could use our help? Come to our next meeting on Tuesday, November 5th and let us know about them. Also, make sure to a􀆩 end your Veterans Day Ceremony on Monday, November 11th at 6:30 PM at On the Clock. Food, drink, and camaraderie will be provided!

Ian Nunn
Adjutant, P.C.





"No Bowling this Year or meeting scheduled thus far. Please consider paying your dues as soon as possible. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Years to everyone God Bless you and your Family and God Bless the Sons of the American Legion."

Respectfully Tony Fluder III

Please remember to pay your dues.
Contact Bob Wood at 414-315-8125 for any questions.





As the old year comes to an end, let us ponder what it held for us. Let us be thankful for the rich experience it gave us – for every sympathetic smile, for every tear, for moments which brought laughter`s melody, for nature`s loveliness, and for friendship`s beauty. Let us also ask forgiveness for thoughts and deeds unwise. As we legionnaires stand on the threshold of the year 2020, let us be thankful for the opportunity to stand and peer intently, eagerly, beyond the door to so many challenges that lie ahead. May we have the courage, truth and faith to meet them without flinching and thought of self! Amen.


Eternal father, strong to save, whose arms does bind the wind and wave, we remember these ancient words. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the lord and the people whom he has chosen for an inheritance "We Legionaries are grateful for our heritage that is ours in this nation whereby we enjoy more freedom than any other people on earth. Help us never to neglect any part of this freedom lest we lose the opportunity for ourselves and children.

We humbly dedicate these moments to You and pray that the American Legion calls the heart and mind of America back to God, we may enjoy the fruits of righteousness, justice and peace. Keep us ever mindful of the sacrifi ce made by veterans named and nameless, who laid down their lives that we and those whom we love might live. For Your name`s sake. Amen


Edward Kallit | John Stawicki, Jr. | Harry Khatzis


Chaplain Charles Cortte




In mid-December we withdrew a portion of funds invested in our most conservative investment fund and placed those funds in a money market account. In the near term we will continue to hold our two current BMO Harris investment funds, but with a reduced investment in the most conservative allocation. We are positioning un-invested funds to take advantage of a down turn in the market. Over the last 12 months we have a combined realized and unrealized investment gain of 9%. This gain excludes interest through CD's and a money market account.

At our request, our BMO Harris fi nancial advisor recommended a fund weighted more heavily in securities so as to provide a better return. The investment committee will be meeting with our Financial Advisor to discuss the recommend investment as well as investment strategy. We may or may not continue to hold our most conservative investment fund, but the Investment Committee believes taking a more aggressive investment position for at least a portion of our investments is worthwhile. Changes to investments are of course subject to approval by the Executive Committee or membership. Keep in mind that our objective is to fund current Post 180 operations as well as to retain principal and build equity to support the acquisi􀆟 on of a Post headquarters.

Our last checking account through BMO Harris Bank was closed November 19th, 2019. BMO Harris remains custodian for two CD's as well as investment accounts, while PNC Bank is now service provider for all checking account and money market activity.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year to you and your families.

Greg Roth
Finance Officer
Phone: 414-482-2256




American Legion Members use the email address or the phone number of the legion Post 180, to inform us, of any member that has recently passed away or is in ill health. As your service officer I can contact the families if a service is wanted or not. You will be notified of the members, that recently passed will, in the legion newsletter and website in Chaplain`s Corner under the Post Everlasting Obituary. Yes it is difficult to think and or write about, we need to know, for God and Country.

Tony Witkowski is home from the Hospital and doing ok, Keep him in your prayers.

Service Offi cer Steve Wesoloski
(414-405-7892) voice mail


American Legion
George Washington Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695



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