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American Legion
George Washington Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695

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American Legion
George Washington
Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695

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Any notifications of deceased members should be directed to our Membership Chair, Shirley Wood, at 414-489-0247.

Thank You!


100 Years

Commander of George Washington Bay View Post 180 of the American Legion

To all of the Family Members of our George Washington Bay View American Legion Post 180,

To all of the Family Members of our George Washington Bay View American Legion Post 180, First and foremost as we celebrate this year's Veterans Day let us remember, in our prays, those military members who are serving, those who have served, those MIA, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


Let us also remember those who have supported our service men and women. The mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers and children, for without their loving support throughout our service, it would have been much harder.

For all of the GWBV Post 180 family, our members/signifi cant others, SAL members/significant others, and Auxiliary members/significant others, we cordially invite you to join us in celebrated on of Veterans Day for a short ceremony, drinks and dinner.

Place: On The Clock Bar and Grill, 4301 S. Howell Ave Milwaukee.

Date: November 11, 2019

Time: Cocktails 1830, short program and Dinner at 1900.

As for our mission, the membership and your Executive Board remains hard at work supporting our Veterans. We would like to see more of our members at the meettngs and most of you will be receiving a survey asking questions on how we accommodate you better on meetng attendance.

Please be honest with your answers as we need your input. Thanks to Third Vice Commander San Countryman for his eff orts in developing this survey and we look forward to your responses.

More to come in future newsletters, as we continue to try to increase membership. Please let us know if you know of anyone who would like to join as the American Legion membership criteria has changed which opens up opportunities for others. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Yours in Service to our Veterans, Post, Community, State, and Nation,
Commander Robert G. Schlemm



Yours in Service to our Veterans, Post, Community, State, and Nation,

Commander Robert G. Schlemm



American Legion George Washington Bay View Post 180

Hello all!! Happy Autumn!

I hope everyone is enjoying the seasonal change - perhaps not so much the weather itself. Time is flying by so please do not forget to pay your renewal dues; especially before the holiday season kicks in. The renewal fee is $35.00 and can be mailed in, paid online, or brought to a meetting.
Our next General Meeting is on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at 7:00 pm. We are meeting at On the Clock Bar & Grill. (4301 S. Howell Ave.)

We have one new member to welcome to our Post: STEVEN POPEK of Pewaukee, WI. He was in the Air Force. He was recruited by BRUCE NIEDZWIECKI. As always, everyone is encouraged to assist in recruiting eff orts. Please check with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to join. The requirements to join have changed. It now allows membership if you have served on federal active duty in the U.S. Armed forces since December 7, 1941, and have been honorably discharged or you are still serving.


"With President Trump's signature on the LEGION Act, the extension of the ongoing declared period of war was extended back to Dec. 7, 1941. The congressionally approved act is a way to honor thousands of veterans who were killed or wounded on duty during periods not previously considered a time of war.

Finally Congress has acknowledged the service and sacrifice of at least 1,600 veterans who died or were wounded in previously undeclared periods of war," said American Legion National Judge Advocate Kevin Bartlett. "This new law honors the memories of those veterans while allowing other veterans from those previously undeclared eras to receive all the American Legion benefits they have earned through their service.

The LEGION Act - Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service Act — also redefines The American Legion's membership eligibility dates. The eligibility now span from Dec. 7, 1941, until a time when the U.S. is no longer at war, as determined by Congress."

I am looking forward to seeing you on September 3rd!

1st Vice Commander
Brooke Smith
Please contact me with questions / concerns.




If you have some interesting story or pictures serving your country that you have, we would like you to share with your Legion Family members. We would love to hear some military stories, and if you attended any Veterans, American Legion and Community events keep us informed.

Please send the pictures and a sentence or short story paragraph explaining the event and we will share the treasure with our Legion Family and community.


Still Serving America




I will be sending out a survey to all Legion members regarding member absence from Legion meetings. It is my hope that I can determine the causes for the absence of Legion members from Legion meetings. I would also hope that I could stimulate members into a􀆩 ending Legion meetings.

I will post the results of this survey in the next newsletter. Thanks for your cooperation in answering
the survey.

San Countryman
3rd Vice Commander



Greetings All,

Your Post continues to carry out its mission of Veterans helping Veterans. Over these past few months we've made significant donations to Camp American Legion and their renovation efforts, as well as Troop Cafe here in Milwaukee. A job-training cafe that helps veterans prepare for future careers in food service and catering. We also are donating to the Military Veterans Resource Center at UWM, which assists veterans, reservists, guardsmen, and their families while they attend UWM. Further, we are also taking pride in our community and supportig local institutions. This past month we donated to The Bay View Community Center in support of the great programs they provide there.

Do you use services or support organizations mat could use our help? Come to our next meeting on Tuesday, November 5th and let us know about them. Also, make sure to a􀆩 end your Veterans Day Ceremony on Monday, November 11th at 6:30 PM at On the Clock. Food, drink, and camaraderie will be provided!

Ian Nunn
Adjutant, P.C.





Please remember to pay your dues.
Contact Bob Wood at 414-315-8125 for any

Tony Fluder Commander




Veteran's Day Prayer
Prayer for our Brave Men and Women

Almighty God,George Washington Bay View Post 180

You are our Creator and Sustainer. You are our Light and our Fortress. You are our Wisdom and our strength.

Lord, you moved upon men to establish this great nation. You stirred men to hope and to dream for a land of
freedom. We praise you for this great nation.

Lord, you have inspired many of our best and brightest to volunteer to proudly stand and defend our beloved country. You have given us brave and loyal men and women who have steadfastly served in their chosen branch of our military.

We gather today to remember our military personnel. We acknowledge that their service enables us to walk as free men and women in this great land.

Lord, today we seek to honor your sons and daughters who have served or who are serving our country. We are reminded that because of their sendee we can live in safety.

We ask that you abundantly bless those who have previously served. May their service be rewarded in every way. May they gain earthly and heavenly blessings from their unselfsh love of country.

Lord, we stop now and remember those who are currently serving. We ask that you provide them with your
protection, your strength, and your peace. We ask that you would abundantly provide for all their needs. We ask that you would enable them to overcome every personal and professional obstacle. We ask that you would protect their families from hurt and harm.

May each of our veterans feel honored not just today but every day.

Father, we also give special recognitin to our wounded warriors. We realize that many of our heroes are dealing with physical and emotional wounds that occurred as a result of their time of service to our country.

We ask that they would be given the best treatments available and that you would add your supernatural blessings to all the efforts given to them to help them.

We ask that you, Lord, would show them miracles as they seek to gain health, stability, and wholeness.

We pray these things in
Jesus name



Chaplain Charles Cortte



Prayer of ThanksgivingHeavenly Father,

I thank you for this wonderful day that you have made. I thank you for my life and the lives of my loved ones. I thank you Father for your presence in my life. For the confi dence I have in you and the plans you have for me. I thank you for the immeasurable amount of love you have for me, and how comforting it is to know that your Spirit is always with me.

I thank you Lord for all the big and small wins that I attain daily by the strength of your Spirit.

Thank you for the things in my life that I take for granted sometimes. I thank you for a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear. I recognize that these things are all a gift from you, and I'm ever grateful. May I develop an atitude of thanks in all circumstances Lord. I pray that I'll continue to remember that all things work together for good. Thank you Father, I love you. In Jeus' name,


Post Everlasting Obituary
O God of all our yesterdays, our todays, and our tomorrows, we pause together in the quietness of remembrance to linger in thought over our comrade whose name has rung out in our hearing as one who has transferred from our ranks to Post Everlasting. Short weeks ago they stood before us. We laughed with them and labored and lived out a portion of our lives in a common cause. They contributed, in some fashion, large or small, to what we all were when they were in our midst. We have not been untouched by what they did and who they were. In such a moment as this, we are keenly aware of Your own everlasting presence, and as our only remaining link with our former comrade, we salute You and commend them to You with trust and expectation.

Whatever battle stars or ribbons they may have deservedly won, perhaps unknown to us, on the battlefield of life, You will award. May they stand before You now as before a beloved captain in eager readiness for whatever is to come.


Ronald Witkowiak (Air Force Korean War)




There is a lot of pushing and shoving in the financial markets, but our equity and bond investments are performing as expected. The investment portfolios have an unrealized gain after management fees of 5.5% since inception (November 2018), compared to a 1% gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the same period. The comparison isn't direct as our investment portfolio consists of large and small cap funds as well as various bond and cash instruments, but good enough to give us some idea of how our investment objectives are being met. The organizational vision is to conserve our investment principal and use earnings to fund objectives of the American Legion.

We are exploring alternate retail banking providers as well as investment advisors. Our current retail banking and vestment services are provided through BMO Harris Bank. Although we are satisfied with investment services, BMO Harris retail services have been a source of concern for the last several years. We have held meetings with PNC and Johnson Banks and are exploring our options. At this time I am relatively certain that we will move our retail banking to one of these two new banks. Any change is subject to your approval.

Use of a building on the old 440th Air National Guard campus is still under consideration. We met with a Milwaukee County representative in late July, inspected the property again, and discussed various lease requirements and options. Although the property is in good condition overall there is a roof leak. The County is getting estimates to fix the roof, and will pay for roof repairs if the cost is not excessive. If the repair cost is too much, the building will be razed. Our financial concern is the expense of operating a building. Although the lease terms we negotiated informally are quite favorable for a commercial property, operational costs may be too high and could exceed our expected investment earnings, resulting in liquidation of a portion of our investment principal. We also need, in my opinion, a few more volunteers to help manage a property. Building availability, financial and management requirements will be discussed at the August Executive Committee meeting and are on the agenda for the September 3rd 2019 General Membership/Business Meeting at On the Clock Bar and Grill. I hope you can attend and I hope a few more members volunteer their services.

Gregory Roth Finance Officer


American Legion
George Washington Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695



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