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American Legion
George Washington Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695

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American Legion
George Washington Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695

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Any notifications of deceased members should be directed to our Membership Chair, Shirley Wood, at 414-489-0247.

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American Legion George Washington Bay View Post 180

Commander of George Washington Bayview Post 180 of the American Legion

To all of the Family Members of our George Washington Bay View
American Legion Post 180

I have been bestowed the honor of being elected your Commander 2019-2020 and for those of you who don't know me I am Robert G. Schlemm son of Gregory and Kathleen Schlemm Past Post 180 Commander and Past Auxiliary President, respectfully. I have been a member of our Post for 46 years and am a Viet Nam Veteran. I have served our Post on the Color Guard, as Adjutant, and Executive Board/House Committee member. As a very young man I was a member of the Post 180 SAL going through all the chairs, and holding the offi ce of the SAL Commander twice. I remain a proud member of our SAL Squadron to this day.

100 Years

As you may know my Father and Mother were very active in our American Legion and loved what our Post stood for and what it had to officer. I too enjoyed being a part of this experience and fondly remember growing up within the hallowed confi nes of our Memorial Building. For those of you who are still saddened at the selling of the building l completely understand and sympathize with you, as growing up there was a large part of my life. With dwindling membership it became evident that the building had to be sold as we could not do justice to the ongoing management. However, let me assure you the memory of those who built it, enjoyed it, and maintained it, still remains. The reason we and those before us are brought together is to help our veterans, and those who have passed, along with their surviving families. The building is gone, but the good memories, and the noble mission remains.

The Good News is we are united in continuing the mission. We have been blessed with a small group of members who are active and have stepped up and have answered the call. That has been proven by the excellent job Past Commander Ian Nunn and his Officers did in their superb management of selling the building and direction on investigation.

We have been blessed with a small group of members who are active and have stepped up and have answered the call. That has been proven by the excellent job Past Commander Ian Nunn and his Offi cers did in their superb management of selling the building and direc􀆟 on on investing our assets! THANKS TO YOU ALL! The incoming officers will need to maintain these high standards, but I assure you we will do all we can to make those who have come before us proud. Because of the selling of the building we are fi nancially solvent. We have reduced our membership dues, but your help is needed to assist in increasing our numbers as membership is the key to continually fulfi lling our mission. National Commander Reistad emails have mentioned possible changes in the Legion requirements and ideas in recruiting new members will be forthcoming in future newsletters.

Come join us at our regular business meeting starting September 2019. At the present, we are meeting at On the Clock Bar & Grill 4301 S. Howell Ave. Pending topics of discussion include, possibly renting a building at the old 440th by the airport, upcoming parades, Post 4th of July celebration, Post partcipation in member/family scholarships, and ongoing Officer Reports.

Yours in Service to our Veterans, Post, Community, State, and Nation,

Commander Robert G. Schlemm




American Legion George Washington Bay View Post 180

Hello all!!

My name is Brooke Smith and I am your new 1st Vice Commander. I will be working on keeping you members of George Washington Bay View Post 180 and, more importantly, getting you to be active members of the Post. We are currently meeting at On the Clock Bar & Grill on Howell Avenue at Bolivar Street. (4301 S. Howell Ave.) I look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday,

September 3rd. Please feel free to contact me; I have posted my contact informa􀆟 on below.

Have a great summer!
Brooke Smith




2019 Poppy Distribution Report

Our poppy distribution is now over. I would like to thank all of the poppy volunteers who volunteered their 􀆟 me to distribute poppies and collect donations. They are: Ken Conta, Charlie Cortte, Curt Nunn, Greg Roth, Ed Swessel, Steve Wesolowski, and myself. These donations will benefi t many veterans. We had 7 members, including myself, that visited 8 diff erent business sites (3 Walgreen Pharmacies, 3 Pick N Saves, the United States Post Offi ce, and Greg's True Value). They worked a total of 73 hours, & collected $3,417.09. After paying for the poppies, giving a percentage to the Veterans Organization, donating to the Auxiliary and other minor expenses, we needed $2,119.61

For our small post I think we did really well. I also mailed out 285 letters asking members of our Post,

SAL and Aux to make a donation to our poppy fund. We received 48 donations for a total of $901.00. All of the money collected will be used for Veteran programs.

San Countryman
3rd Vice Commander and Poppy Chairman



Greetings all: your Post Officers for 2019 - 2020 were elected at the General Membership meeting on May 7th, approved by the Executive Commitee, and then installed after the Memorial Day service.

Here is your leadership team as voted by the membership:

  • Commander - Robert Schlemm
  • 1st Vice - Brooke Smith
  • 3rd Vice - San Countryman
  • Adjutant - Ian Nunn
  • Finance Officer - Greg Roth
  • Asst Finance Officer - Tony Witkowski
  • Service Officer - Steve Wesolowski
  • Chaplain - Charlie Cortte
  • Asst Chaplain - Ian Nunn
  • Sgt At Arms - Ed Swessel


Tony and Ed will be our post delegates to the State Convention in July. Reminder that there is no General Membership meeting in July or August, and the first meeting of the new Legion year will be on Tuesday, September 3rd, at 7 PM at On the Clock.

As the outgoing Commander, I'd like to thank all my offi cers and appointees for their service and hard work this past year. It has been a period of transition for the Post, but we've emerged from it in a solid position and I'm confident that Bob will lead us to new heights. He has some great ideas and never-ending enthusiasm for his Post. Please follow his lead at make it a point to attend and participate in your Post.

I'd especially like to recognize Greg Roth for his sage advice and consistency as 1st Vice and member of the fi nance committee. Thank you much.

Kudos to San Countryman for the fine work he and his team of volunteers did with the Poppy drive, job well done!

Thanks to Tony Witkowski for being patient with me, and a diligent accountant for the Post. Special Thanks to Charlie Cortte for reviving the Informed Legionnaire and being the point of contact for the printer. A very large and important job that required someone with his level of expertise and commitment.

We also very much appreciated the Women's Auxiliary partipants in the Memorial Day ceremony as well as the empty table program. The day isn't complete without it.

Have a great summer all!

Ian Nunn
Adjutant, P.C.





Fellow members of Post 180,

We will not be holding a SAL luncheon this year as there seems to be a lack of interest by the membership. We held our bowling event in January and made over $6,000.00 which will be donated to various Veterans organizations such as Honor Flight, USO, Camp Hometown Heroes, etc. Enjoy you summer as I will be, so watch this newsletter or your E-Mail for the date of the next meeting.

Dues are due soon so again watch this newsletter or your E-Mail for the notice.

Tony Fluder SAL Commander



George Washington Bay View Post 180
George Washington Bay View Post 180 sponsored distribution of fl ags over the Memorial Day weekend to honor our fallen men and women of our uniformed services. 3500 Flags were distributed at St Adalbert, Holy Trinity and Sacred Heart cemeteries, keeping a tradition that began prior to the merging of the George Washington and Bay View Posts. Young Marines Detachment- Milwaukee and Boy Scout Troop 208-St Veronica Church participated in this activity and were well represented. An estimated 35 adults, and young men and women from the two organizations partiipated and each organization received a thank you letter from our Commander. I personally thank San Countryman, Jacob Kleppin, and Bob Schlemm for representing Post 180. The Young Marines and Boy Scouts shouldered the work, but the presence of Post members puts a face to this thoughful and moving endeavor.

Greg Roth, PC




When Grandpa used to say "Grandma I'm headed to the Legion Hall" I thought the Legion Hall was just a place he went to have a beer and play cards with his buddies at the bar.

But I didn`t know what being in the American Legion meant, to him and all his friends, until I stood by Grandpa grave and said my "gone for good goodbye" I swore I wouldn`t cry.

One by one nearly two hundred men stepped up saluted him and then, they stood there at attention until everyone was through.

I stopped one the legionaries to ask him "Sir is this what you always do" His reply was It is not just something that we do.

We proudly wore the uniform and we still do our part Because it is our love for country lives not just on our lips, but deep in our heart.

It is not just something that we do. It is who we are Just before he turned to leave, He shook my hand; I grabbed his sleeve and said "I wished there were a lot more folks like you". He smiled at me and said: There are, but unless you look real hard, you seldom see us on the news" "But all across the nation there are those great patriots in civilian clothes" who paid a price for freedom because we still believe the freedom our forefathers lettis not an entilement, but it is our sacred duty to protect and serve this land.

I said "I wished I could do something" He said "Son we are all Americans and It is not just something that we do… It is who we are

We do not have to be in uniform to do our part, when our love for country lives not just on our lips, but deep in our hearts.

It is not just something that we do. It is who we are being it from old brown shoe to desert boots.

The future counts on me and you and WHO WE ARE,

Author Past Commander Schlemm (1985)
Commander Robert Schlemm this is from your Father.
From my archives. Charlie Cor􀆩 e P.C.





Post Everlasting Obituary

O God of all our yesterdays, our todays, and our tomorrows, we pause together in the quietness of remembrance to linger in thought over our comrade whose name has rung out in our hearing as one who has transferred from our ranks to Post Everlasting. Short weeks ago they stood before us. We laughed with them and labored and lived out a portion of our lives in a common cause. They contributed, in some fashion, large or small, to what we all were when they were in our midst. We have not been untouched by what they did and who they were. In such a moment as this, we are keenly aware of Your own everlasting presence, and as our only remaining link with our former comrade, we salute You and commend them to You with trust and expectation.

Whatever battle stars or ribbons they may have deservedly won, perhaps unknown to us, on the battlefield of life, You will award. May they stand before You now as before a beloved captain in eager readiness for whatever is to come.

Amen Legionnaires

Gerald Knepper (Navy)
Bernard Szper (Army)






(Fourth of July)

On this, our country`s birthday, we turn to You, in gratitude and thanksgiving, for making us a free independent Nation. We thank You for freeing us from an autocratic government, for making self-government possible, with liberty and justice for all. We are unworthy of all Your mercies, and ask to lead us in the way of righteousness. Help us to keep in mind the ideals for which we offered our lives in war, and also our obligations to the community, the state, and the nation.

Protect our country from subversive elements that would destroy our government and deprive us of our reedom, and from selfish interests that would weaken us. Help us always to remember that our Americaowes her very life to You, and that her future rests in Your counsel. We dedicate and consecrateourselves anew to the preservation of our America and our way of life, and ask your blessing upon us.






If you have some interesting story or pictures serving your country that you have, we would like you to share with your Legion Family members. We would love to hear some military stories, and if you att ended any Veterans, American Legion and Community events keep us informed. Please send the pictures and a sentence or short story paragraph explaining the event and we will share the treasure with our Legion Family and community.

"To me, Independence Day is all about honoring sacrifice. The sacrifice of so many that served before me, in so many confl icts. The sacrifice our families make serving at home while their loved ones are deployed. The premature sacrifices of those who`ve paid the ultimate price and the sacrifice of the GOLD STAR Families they leave behind.

In honoring the sacrifice, I feel an incredible sense of gratitude for having been able to serve my country and nation, and the gratitude resonates deep within me every time I see the flag of the United States and hear our National Anthem" So, while you gather with friends and family to celebrate our nation`s independence,

Take a moment to remember the sacrifices of our servicemen and women. Remember the sacrifices they make for us every day and honor those sacrifices.

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans.

Charlie Cortte
Past Commander - George Washington Bayview Post 180 of the American Legion

Still Serving American




Thank you for electing me as your Finance Officer for our new fiscal year. Hats off to Tony Witkowski for his service over the past decade. Tony isn't going away, as he will be the Assistant Finance Officer for the upcoming term.

We are in good shape fi nancial. As of this newsletter our stock/bond fund investment portfolio has an unrealized gain since our initial investment in November/December 2018. This portfolio is managed by BMO Harris Bank and is a conservative investment that includes stock and bond funds. Remaining balance of inves􀆟 ble funds is invested in CD's and a money market account, also through BMO Harris Bank.

Discussion regarding occupancy of another building for use as a Post headquarters continues. In my view to move forward we need to meet two conditions: adequate staffi ng and adequate funding. Staffing seems to be the larger issue. As of today 6 Legion members have offered to help manage a property: San Countryman, Jacob Kleppin, Bob Schlemm, and myself with no restrictions, and Brooke Smith and Bruce Niedzwiecki with some restrictions. Two more volunteers would be helpful to ensure adequate staffing without being burdensome to the group.

Adequate funding seems to be falling in place. The goal is to use investment earnings without consuming investment principal to fund Post operational expenses including a headquarters property. The current rental property we are looking at is estimated to cost $20,000/year to operate and would require an initial investment of $10,000 for furniture and equipment. Other currently unfunded Post expenses such as a porti on of the Informed Legionnaire distribution expense; meeting, Memorial Day and Veterans Day refreshments, appear to be $7,000/year.

I think we need $30,000 in investment earnings to support operations including a facility and it looks like we will reach this financial threshold in the near future, barring an implosion of the economy because of political conditions.

We will be putting together the budget for our new fiscal year in July and August for presentation and approval by the Post membership at the September 3rd, 2019 General Membership Business meeting. That meeting would also be a good time for additional members of the Post to step forward and volunteer to help manage a headquarters property.

Gregory Roth Finance Officer


American Legion
George Washington Bay View Post 180
Milwaukee WI 53207
PO Box 70695



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